Pass Plus

Not all driving instructors are eligible to undertake a Pass Plus course as they have to be registered to do so.

Woody’s is a Pass Plus registered driving school.


About Pass Plus


Pass Plus was introduced by the DVSA and is deemed to be the best way to give additional driving experience to newly qualified drivers.


The key intention of the Pass Plus course is to teach drivers who have recently passed their practical driving test valuable knowledge in the way of new techniques and skills, improving alertness/anticipation thus learning how to reduce accidents.


Pass Plus is useful to newly qualified drivers who feel nervous when driving on their own as it can help gain confidence.


Some insurance companies offer up to 40% cheaper car insurance to drivers who have completed the Pass Plus course.


The modules


There are 6 modules in the Pass Plus course, each one covering a different aspect of driving:


  • Driving on motorways

  • Driving on dual carriageways

  • Town driving

  • Rural driving

  • All-weather driving

  • Night driving


It may only be possible to cover some of the modules in theory. For example, all weather and night driving could be hard to replicate especially during the summer months. 


Pass Plus takes a minimum of six hours to complete and there is no examination at the end. The candidate will be awarded with a certificate once the instructor is satisfied they have achieved or exceeded standards.  If modules are only covered in theory, then achieved is the highest standard possible.